Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sexting The New Safe Sex

Has Sexting become the new safe sex?  Every minute of every day some one is sexting with over 250 million cellphone today hot text, and hotter pic are being send at the speed of  light. Let's  not even talk about facetime. and mobile to mobile video chat Damn where these things when I was young. Here is how it starts you hear that unmistakable sound form the your cellphone you click and a  big ass is in your face seeming I am a ass man myself. The next text  it,s yours if you want it. My thumbs hit the keyboard  working like I've been taking short hand for years. Are you coming over  the texts said No this is a preview for tomorrow as the next pic rolled across the screen . Not to be out done I reach for Mr Johnson. already at attentions snap the flash goes off  my pic is on it way. Next text I love it  read my lips there go another pic. By this time half an hour goes by and  a pic arrives of a vibrator laying where I should be. Rub a dub dub  my cellphone on the floor.  It seem that safe sex wins again,.

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