Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How To Spice Up Your Offline Adult Newspaper Ads.

Here how to spice up your adult offline Classified Ads. As I went though our city local adult ads section I fined the same old ads. As a customer I am looking at these ads of all of these hot women the ads are worded differently. Which ads should I answer I wish I could get a look at what they really look like,instead of a picture. Today with new technology I can, and if your running ads in newspaper pay close attention you may want to consider this way of marketing. In the picture below are two ad pages one on the left is what you would normally see the one on the right is different. If you look at the one on the right you will see what is are called Qr codes those funny looking square boxes. This is what happen next your customer reading the ad take out his cell phone which has a camera on it. Most phone today come with one the customer bring up a free app that can scan and read that little qr box.
Once scanned it will take them to your video on your website. Now think about this which ad would you answer the one with a picture or the one with a video. Below the ads are the three qr code in those ads. If you do not have a free qr code app down load one on your phone. Here one I use BEE TAGG or I-nigma download them and scan those qr codes. I will put the url that are on those qr codes for you to see the videos. If you would like a Personal Qr code for your ads just email me. This is new marketing in the sex industry
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