Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sexting The New Safe Sex

Has Sexting become the new safe sex?  Every minute of every day some one is sexting with over 250 million cellphone today hot text, and hotter pic are being send at the speed of  light. Let's  not even talk about facetime. and mobile to mobile video chat Damn where these things when I was young. Here is how it starts you hear that unmistakable sound form the your cellphone you click and a  big ass is in your face seeming I am a ass man myself. The next text  it,s yours if you want it. My thumbs hit the keyboard  working like I've been taking short hand for years. Are you coming over  the texts said No this is a preview for tomorrow as the next pic rolled across the screen . Not to be out done I reach for Mr Johnson. already at attentions snap the flash goes off  my pic is on it way. Next text I love it  read my lips there go another pic. By this time half an hour goes by and  a pic arrives of a vibrator laying where I should be. Rub a dub dub  my cellphone on the floor.  It seem that safe sex wins again,.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How To Spice Up Your Offline Adult Newspaper Ads.

Here how to spice up your adult offline Classified Ads. As I went though our city local adult ads section I fined the same old ads. As a customer I am looking at these ads of all of these hot women the ads are worded differently. Which ads should I answer I wish I could get a look at what they really look like,instead of a picture. Today with new technology I can, and if your running ads in newspaper pay close attention you may want to consider this way of marketing. In the picture below are two ad pages one on the left is what you would normally see the one on the right is different. If you look at the one on the right you will see what is are called Qr codes those funny looking square boxes. This is what happen next your customer reading the ad take out his cell phone which has a camera on it. Most phone today come with one the customer bring up a free app that can scan and read that little qr box.
Once scanned it will take them to your video on your website. Now think about this which ad would you answer the one with a picture or the one with a video. Below the ads are the three qr code in those ads. If you do not have a free qr code app down load one on your phone. Here one I use BEE TAGG or I-nigma download them and scan those qr codes. I will put the url that are on those qr codes for you to see the videos. If you would like a Personal Qr code for your ads just email me. This is new marketing in the sex industry
click here ad1 

click here ad2 

click here ad3 

Monday, July 18, 2011

The New Look of Prostitution Facebook

Yes that right the new look of Prostitution is alive and well on Facebook.
Facebook is now cutting Pimps, and intermediaries out of the game. Today 80% New York prostitutes now use a Facebook for customers. On average They uses the social networking and provide new source of clients and now rivaling some escort agencies. These Ladies of the evening set their own price by passing the outdated Pimps. Sorry fellows your still apart of the sex industry get some computer skills, and step up your game. Less of these women are on the corners they now set up their evening from their Iphone or Blackberry. The Internet, and the smart phone has played a part in personalizing their business. Facebook is giving these ladies away to control what the client sees they now control the price. and no revenue sharing. The business has become less risky. and more profitable. Facebook is now becoming the leading recruitment real estate for prostitutes seeking clients. Facebook is, such a big player in the sex industry due the the fall of ad space like Craigslist and other papers from the outcry after the killing of prostitutes using Craigslist. Now here is the down side for you ladies Facebook is cracking down take down content, disable accounts, and may take further action. Our industry is under siege from the hall of Washington DC. (that's a joke they are our biggest customers ) to the streets of New york city. The world oldest trade is still alive, and well and coming to a facebook page near you.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Do You Like Your Man Well Dressed

Maybe I am from the old school I love to be dressed. When I walk in a room you know I'm there. That not bragging it just the way I carry myself. I have grown sons that could care less about how they dress when they go out. Where did I go wrong? Like ZZ Top said everyone likes a sharp dress man. I wonder has rap and hip hop lowered the dress standards for young men. When I am out I see ton of beautiful women dress to the nines heels and dress, and guys their going out with baggie jeans and t-shirts dress like hip hop artist. In reality 50cent, Jayz and Didy dress in suits. I know 30 year old men who do not own dress shoe or suits. Don't get me wrong not because they can not afford a suit and shoes. In fact they pay a lot of money for their jeans and sneakers some costing the price of a suit and shoe. So I asked a number of young men, and this what I heard. Today women do mind as long as they have some body to go out with. Is That True? They like the way I dress. So the next Time I was out I asked Some of these women. How do you like your man to dress when he take you out. 7 out of 10 said I like my man sharp. Look I did not let them get away with that answer. I asked what did you mean by sharp. did you mean a suit, pants,shirt,shoes ,or jeans, sneakers, hoodie or what. This what I heard. These were 25 year old to 34 year old women. Some said it was ok when we are out to wear jeans and sneakers other said not really and some said hell no. I then asked do you think men are sexy when they are in suits. 7 out 10 yes. I needed to some how test this. So their was a hot event going on in our city where you had to be dress to even get in, I've seen NfL super star get turn away because they were not dress a this event.
I took my 30 year old and a friend got them dress, suit tie the whole nine yards.
The age ranged of this a event was 25 and up with all type of women. As always the women were 5 to 1 with about 2,500 people there. Ticket were $35.00 dollar to get in. This is what happen next I let them loose in this event. With in 15 to 20 min they caught up with me. Very excited and in disbelieve about how many women were interested in them. They ran into women that did not give them the time of day
before. I asked them on the way home what made the difference your still the same person, did someone make you better looking, gave you more personality. They try to play it off. I knew the answer without asking. Women like a sharp dress man. As a side note their face book request went off the chart. Did I get a Thanks Dad. No but they are now wearing suits. I guess Dad did his job.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do You Turn Over To Less Than Perfect Sex Partner

Turning over, and seeing a less than prefect sex partner. This is the reality of million of people world wide. So what do you do? Close your and go for it. Break out your toy, and do the job yourself, get up, and go to the next room, and wack off. The adult toy industry make million of dollars from people in these situations. Cheating is at a all time high. I uses to think cheating was just greed, or a sexual addiction, and some of that is true. But dry uninteresting, can't get it up, can't move your ass, 2 second drill, Im to tried, my period is on for the 4 week, no the kids will hear, Oh shit I'm out of viraga sex. Are you serious. Let' not even talk about the bait and switch hot but not performers. No wonder there a call for abstinence. In most cases the lack of communicating is the problem telling a person what you want and like. This dose not work if you can't stand what your looking at next to you. True me I know been there. The reasons for putting up with it Marriage, money, kids, feelings, or I don't how to get the fuck out of it. For whatever reason. The solutions is not a easy one. So what are you going to do? Stay,Play,or Pay.

Do Ovulating Women No What's Up

Well the scientists are back at it again. Here is the news. They claim they found that the closer a women is to peak ovulation the better they can tell if a man is real deal or gay.
Let's break this down you know they always do a study. They took women at peak ovulation and showed them picture of 80 men half were strait and half were gay. These women were more able to tell sexual preference. In fact they went further those who had read erotic fiction before doing the test, and were therefore ‘turned on’, even did better in the test. So what these guys are saying when your in that state and looking for a mate or sex partner you can some how tell. Ok look out all you guys on the down low, ovulation radar could be scanning your ass. Ladies this is better than reading someone palm. You know if it look like duck and quacks like a duck it most likely a Damn DUCK.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Killing Me Next

OMG What's killing me next. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. My next piece of Oral pussy could be my last. I know the food supply is killing me with to much salt,fat,and drugs in them. My water is bad, I drink bottle now. The air is killing me,Taxes,job,stress,and Now oral sex. Damn can I get a break. After 30 year of eating Hot wet pussy they now they tell me it loaded with cancer causing virus. Did they just invent this virus, or was it killing my fore fathers. Hold up I said 30 year of eating pussy I was so so wrong, the way I see it when I was born, what was the first thing to hit my lips. You got it' PUSSY. Sorry Mom just had making a point. Are we now doomed from the start. Oh shit what that raw feeling have in throat? It's hard to swallow Ok it's gone. Must have been a wade of muff hair. I can give up a lot of things, but not eating pussy that where I draw the line. Why? Because it's the last pleasure left on earth. Ok will Insurance company now write me a letter saying we do not cover oral cancer caused by eating pussy. Folks think about it and leave a comment.