Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do You Turn Over To Less Than Perfect Sex Partner

Turning over, and seeing a less than prefect sex partner. This is the reality of million of people world wide. So what do you do? Close your and go for it. Break out your toy, and do the job yourself, get up, and go to the next room, and wack off. The adult toy industry make million of dollars from people in these situations. Cheating is at a all time high. I uses to think cheating was just greed, or a sexual addiction, and some of that is true. But dry uninteresting, can't get it up, can't move your ass, 2 second drill, Im to tried, my period is on for the 4 week, no the kids will hear, Oh shit I'm out of viraga sex. Are you serious. Let' not even talk about the bait and switch hot but not performers. No wonder there a call for abstinence. In most cases the lack of communicating is the problem telling a person what you want and like. This dose not work if you can't stand what your looking at next to you. True me I know been there. The reasons for putting up with it Marriage, money, kids, feelings, or I don't how to get the fuck out of it. For whatever reason. The solutions is not a easy one. So what are you going to do? Stay,Play,or Pay.

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