Friday, July 15, 2011

Do You Like Your Man Well Dressed

Maybe I am from the old school I love to be dressed. When I walk in a room you know I'm there. That not bragging it just the way I carry myself. I have grown sons that could care less about how they dress when they go out. Where did I go wrong? Like ZZ Top said everyone likes a sharp dress man. I wonder has rap and hip hop lowered the dress standards for young men. When I am out I see ton of beautiful women dress to the nines heels and dress, and guys their going out with baggie jeans and t-shirts dress like hip hop artist. In reality 50cent, Jayz and Didy dress in suits. I know 30 year old men who do not own dress shoe or suits. Don't get me wrong not because they can not afford a suit and shoes. In fact they pay a lot of money for their jeans and sneakers some costing the price of a suit and shoe. So I asked a number of young men, and this what I heard. Today women do mind as long as they have some body to go out with. Is That True? They like the way I dress. So the next Time I was out I asked Some of these women. How do you like your man to dress when he take you out. 7 out of 10 said I like my man sharp. Look I did not let them get away with that answer. I asked what did you mean by sharp. did you mean a suit, pants,shirt,shoes ,or jeans, sneakers, hoodie or what. This what I heard. These were 25 year old to 34 year old women. Some said it was ok when we are out to wear jeans and sneakers other said not really and some said hell no. I then asked do you think men are sexy when they are in suits. 7 out 10 yes. I needed to some how test this. So their was a hot event going on in our city where you had to be dress to even get in, I've seen NfL super star get turn away because they were not dress a this event.
I took my 30 year old and a friend got them dress, suit tie the whole nine yards.
The age ranged of this a event was 25 and up with all type of women. As always the women were 5 to 1 with about 2,500 people there. Ticket were $35.00 dollar to get in. This is what happen next I let them loose in this event. With in 15 to 20 min they caught up with me. Very excited and in disbelieve about how many women were interested in them. They ran into women that did not give them the time of day
before. I asked them on the way home what made the difference your still the same person, did someone make you better looking, gave you more personality. They try to play it off. I knew the answer without asking. Women like a sharp dress man. As a side note their face book request went off the chart. Did I get a Thanks Dad. No but they are now wearing suits. I guess Dad did his job.

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