Monday, July 18, 2011

The New Look of Prostitution Facebook

Yes that right the new look of Prostitution is alive and well on Facebook.
Facebook is now cutting Pimps, and intermediaries out of the game. Today 80% New York prostitutes now use a Facebook for customers. On average They uses the social networking and provide new source of clients and now rivaling some escort agencies. These Ladies of the evening set their own price by passing the outdated Pimps. Sorry fellows your still apart of the sex industry get some computer skills, and step up your game. Less of these women are on the corners they now set up their evening from their Iphone or Blackberry. The Internet, and the smart phone has played a part in personalizing their business. Facebook is giving these ladies away to control what the client sees they now control the price. and no revenue sharing. The business has become less risky. and more profitable. Facebook is now becoming the leading recruitment real estate for prostitutes seeking clients. Facebook is, such a big player in the sex industry due the the fall of ad space like Craigslist and other papers from the outcry after the killing of prostitutes using Craigslist. Now here is the down side for you ladies Facebook is cracking down take down content, disable accounts, and may take further action. Our industry is under siege from the hall of Washington DC. (that's a joke they are our biggest customers ) to the streets of New york city. The world oldest trade is still alive, and well and coming to a facebook page near you.

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  1. Long live the freedom of prostitution! Great blog here. Looking forward to reading more.