Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do Ovulating Women No What's Up

Well the scientists are back at it again. Here is the news. They claim they found that the closer a women is to peak ovulation the better they can tell if a man is real deal or gay.
Let's break this down you know they always do a study. They took women at peak ovulation and showed them picture of 80 men half were strait and half were gay. These women were more able to tell sexual preference. In fact they went further those who had read erotic fiction before doing the test, and were therefore ‘turned on’, even did better in the test. So what these guys are saying when your in that state and looking for a mate or sex partner you can some how tell. Ok look out all you guys on the down low, ovulation radar could be scanning your ass. Ladies this is better than reading someone palm. You know if it look like duck and quacks like a duck it most likely a Damn DUCK.

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