Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Killing Me Next

OMG What's killing me next. According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. My next piece of Oral pussy could be my last. I know the food supply is killing me with to much salt,fat,and drugs in them. My water is bad, I drink bottle now. The air is killing me,Taxes,job,stress,and Now oral sex. Damn can I get a break. After 30 year of eating Hot wet pussy they now they tell me it loaded with cancer causing virus. Did they just invent this virus, or was it killing my fore fathers. Hold up I said 30 year of eating pussy I was so so wrong, the way I see it when I was born, what was the first thing to hit my lips. You got it' PUSSY. Sorry Mom just had making a point. Are we now doomed from the start. Oh shit what that raw feeling have in throat? It's hard to swallow Ok it's gone. Must have been a wade of muff hair. I can give up a lot of things, but not eating pussy that where I draw the line. Why? Because it's the last pleasure left on earth. Ok will Insurance company now write me a letter saying we do not cover oral cancer caused by eating pussy. Folks think about it and leave a comment.

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